Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"We don't even know what we bought"

Finally, FINALLY we have closed the deal on the land. It was a long time coming. The developer had to settle a few subdivision issues with the Island Trust (or something like that), and this took until late December, and then suddenly our conveyancer suddenly tells us: "we-have-to-close-right-now. NOW damn you!"

Tammy ran around like a fart in a mitt to get all of our paper work together, and transfer the money, but it's done, and so now we're left with a "oh no... whadda we gonna do now?" sorta feeling.

Seriously. We don't even know what we bought. I think we've actually seen about 5% of the 5 acres, and I don't really remember it all that well. I think we're going to plan a visit as soon as the weather improves, and do some exploring.

The current plan o' the week is to simple set up a skookum camp that we can use for the next few years while we get our shit together to build a proper cabin.

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Maigh said...

My SO found your site (though I haven't a clue how) and I'm looking forward to living vicariously though you two for the next few years as we stumble along on our own similar adventure.

Who knows, maybe we'll even learn from any stumbling blocks you encounter along the way so as to avoid them ourselves! Happy building/adventuring!

Maigh (and Mick in absentia)