Monday, October 15, 2007

Off-the-Grid Caffeination

John and I love espresso. We also love camping (and by extension, our future stays in our as-yet-to-be-built cabin). Let me tell you something: It's hard to get good espresso off the grid.

But we have a secret weapon. It's called the Presso, and it's a manual espresso machine that makes fabulous espresso every time. Then, after you've whipped up your espresso shots, all you need is a heat source and a milk frother to make a cappuccino, latte, or mocha that, in addition to making you almost weep with its sheer perfection, has the added charm of having been made entirely by hand. (And yes... you CAN taste the love.)

For a long time, we were the only kids on our block to have one of these magical devices, because they were only distributed in the UK. But now the company has gone global (click here for Canadian vendors), and you too can convert your camper/tent/cabin/boat into a personal coffee shop.

(This entire post is probably a sign that we've lived in Vancouver too long.)