Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our First Crack at Homesteading

So. After weeks of being screwed by alternating bouts of bad weather and poor time management, we finally made it back to the land for some weekend camping. All in all, it was a success, though we've definitely learned a few things about how to convince a previously crib-bound toddler to sleep when he's suddenly drunk on the freedom to careen around a tent unfettered.

We trekked around the roads and trails for what felt like miles, but then realized that it was probably only about 500 metres. It's funny how schlepping around a 35-pound organism screws with your sense of scale. Thanks to the extra surveying work John commissioned, we learned that our lot is much bigger than we'd originally understood it to be (see above re: poor senses of scale), and that our chunk of the bluff (and the view) is even more incredible than we'd thought. We also finally discoved the trail that leads down through the woods and to the brook, which ROCKS.

We also had a chance to get re-acquainted with some of our neighbours, and we met others for the very first time, and they are all lovely people. We're looking forward to getting to know them better.

We are ridiculously stoked to start building a homestead, and we have a gazillion ideas we'll be posting here in the near future. But in the meantime, a few inspiring pictures:

Created with Paul's flickrSLiDR.