Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bunkie Concept

Via Cribcandy...

The finish isn't really our style, but I could see adapting the concept for some groovy little bunkies built onto the hillside, or in the woods on the property. The size is something like 2m by 2.4m by 1.4m.

Below is the architectural gibberish that accompanied the original post, which is very hard to find because there is no direct link. Funny that... why is it that so many architects have problems creating good websites?

The Lit Clos puts forward a simple idea. It’s a box that’s sufficiently closed to accommodate a bed and the intimacy that it presupposes, and at the same time sufficiently open not to be claustrophobic. The box is on an architectural scale, between a bed and a bedroom.

It uses techniques from furniture manufacture: painted plywood, soldered steel, and above all there’s the DIY assembly of the kind that you get with a piece of Ikea furniture. These characteristics give you a certain ease of assembly and of installation. While it's admittedly more complex than an ordinary bed, it’s still simpler than putting a bedroom together. There is a play on the scale of the space.

The « Lit Clos » frees you from the necessity of building a whole bedroom, and opens up numerous possibilities in relation to the place where one sleeps.

The « Lit Clos » exists in a low and a high version, respectively 70 cm and 180 cm off the ground.

Extracts from the book Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, released by Phaidon in 2003.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Just came upon this site. Interesting designs for a small, but funky cabin. It would be camping in style. I live in Van., but am creating north of Nelson. This year i built quite the nice loo a 6x8 structure, designed to take an inline HW shower using a grey water line. Prefabed over the spring. I wish you well. Have you looked at the forum on very informative? Jim.

John said...

I have not, but thanks Jim... I'll check it out!

Reuben said...

i came across your name on the cbc radio3 blog...
I thought i recognized your name but you aren't who I thought you were.
i work for an architect and the reason they have bad websites is because they are generally bad at anything technical. That is what they hire guys like me for but they work us so hard that we don't have time to build a decent website let alone maintain it.