Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cedar? I Don't Even Know Her! (I Don't Know What This Joke Means, Either)

Hello, cabin blog. Did you think we'd forgotten you? As it turns out, having a new baby keeps one somewhat occupied. The other huge time suck in our lives has been, ironically, getting ready to build a cabin.

John is writing a post detailing all the boring crucially important work involved in prefabricating, transporting, and assembling the cabin. In the meantime, I'm on procurement detail. Of all the furnishings and inside-the-house things we've wrangled so far, I'm most excited by this:

It's a six-foot-long reproduction harvest table made of reclaimed cedar. We found it through Craigslist, and it's absolutely perfectly suited to our needs. We wanted a big, heavy table to use on a covered deck, so cedar was an obvious choice for wood. But early settler types tended to use pine, fir, and other conifers for their furniture. Clearly, those selfish early settlers needed a few lessons in looking to the future and anticipating my needs.

What are the odds we'd cross paths with a carpenter who just happened to have some old 2" by 12" cedar planks kicking around, and that this same carpenter would have the wonderful presence of mind to build a table in exactly the style that most suits us?

I'm feeling lucky, I tell you.

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