Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The reason Thoreau was able to write 'Walden' was because he didn't have to build his cabin. And his sister cooked all his meals.

Er. Yeah. It's been a while since we updated. Since our last post, John and Stefan have done a fabulous job of expanding the deck, and Stefan deserves some kind of Genius of the Year Award for coming up with the idea of using rebar for the railings, after we learned that tension-wire would be about half the price it cost to build the entire cabin. (It's wire, people! What's with the fancy pricing!)

I also gave a tour of the cabin at Apartment Therapy, which has gotten some really nice attention and some super-nice comments over there, and which has led to posts on Tiny House Blog and Shedworking, the site that first inspired us. It's so cool to see everything come full circle like this, and to realize how many people like us there are out there – people who just want a simple little "wooden tent" to kick back in.

Our next projects are a treehouse for the boys and an outdoor kitchen/bar. John has some crazy ideas for this one. I say "crazy", but actually a lot of this entire cabin scheme is his crazy idea, and look how that's worked out. Hooray for crazy ideas!


vilaiwan said...

Just wondering where you purchased the fiberglass from?
We're in the process of turning a shed into a cabin on Cortes Island, a bit north of you.

John said...

Home Depot in Vancouver near Terminal sells it. I'm guessing they might carry it at other outlets as well.

I love the look of the fiberglass, but initially it wasn't our first choice. When we finally decided to build, we were a bit rushed, so I couldn't source some of the other materials we were considering in time.

The stuff below struck me as something that allow us to continue to have a transparent wall, even should we decide to insulate. It wouldn't be perfect, but it would trap heat far better than the FG.

Again though... it does cast a beautiful light!

Anonymous said...

Just saw your post on AT and came here to say you should write... I have the attention span of gnat (or to use the more modern term: popcorn brained) and I can't seem to read anything for more than a minute. But your narrative had me effortlessly moving my eyes until the end. Love your cabin too :) Martie, Asheville NC